Stepper Point lookout


The lookout on Stepper Point is part of the National Coastwatch Institution, a charity which helps to oversee the safety of persons and vessels along the UK coastline. This station proudly guards the entrance to the Camel estuary and the port of Padstow, with an excellent view over the notorious Doom Bar. Since opening in March 2002, we have assisted HM Coastguard in the resolution of several incidents.

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What we do

NCI Stepper Point has Declared Facility Status, which means we are recognised as part of the official UK Search and Rescue system. Our watchkeepers maintain radio, radar and visual watches during daylight hours, all year round. If an incident is observed, we report to HM Coastguard and coordinate with the rescue services. The station is also on standby to be manned outside normal hours when there is an emergency in the vicinity.

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Hours of Operation

Season Period Hours
Winter November to February 0900 - 1500
Spring March 0900 - 1600
April 0900 - 1700
Summer May to August 0900 - 1800
Autumn September 0900 - 1700
October 0900 - 1600

Help our station

Would you like to support our station? There are many ways you can help! You could take an active role by becoming a watchkeeper, make a donation towards needed equipment, or become a Friend of Stepper Point.

Friends of Stepper

Contact Details

NCI Stepper Point has no postal address.

Telephone: 07810 898041

Radio: VHF Channel 65 during operating hours


Weather and Sea State are broadcast on Ch 65 at 0900, 1200 and 1500 hours daily.